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The program of reception and its importance

The largest events may fail, if the organization fails. Any successful event is based on detailed program. Therefore, you should decide on the plan of event, point by point, as soon as possible.

The program should also include all the activities during the day since everything must be carefully planned – starting from the makeup expert, hairdresser, then the so-called first look, to the parents’ blessing. If the activities are held in the wedding venue, the coordinator must be aware of your plans, especially when you need some organizational support or space for the beauty room.

Even if all the activities together with the wedding take place outside the venue, you have to pass detailed information to the service so that they know when they can expect you and how to welcome you – traditionally with bread and salt or a toast with champagne / Prosecco ? Or perhaps you would like to have a welcome cocktail with wishes from the guests? In such case you need additional space with a table for gifts and vases for flowers. This is certainly one example illustrating the importance of smallest details.

The wedding program must definitely include the possible photo session; it should not be prolonged and the guests should feel comfortable. There is nothing worse than the guests waiting for the Couple and wondering what to do in the meantime. It is best to plan the session after welcoming the guests, and ideally – on a different day. Another option involves taking quickly several photographs near the venue, if it provides picturesque scenery.

The Wedding Planner or coordinator can help you schedule the whole event hour by hour. The most important are key points of the event, namely the first dance, official thanks to the parents, „unveiling of the bride”, wedding cake, and additional attractions. They determine the organization of service – i.e. when the dishes arrive, followed by refreshment buffet, and hot dishes served on the tables…

Someone should keep an eye on the program and consult with the Couple when to move on to the next point. If there is no such person, the responsibility most frequently falls on the venue manager, whereas a well-planned schedule arranged with the Couple and the service is key to successful wedding reception.

It is also important to determine the estimated end of event since it refers to the service working hours. In general, wedding receptions last till 4.00am, alternatively 5.00am; if they last longer, it might involve additional cost.


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