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§ 1

1.The owner and administrator of the Facility is Folwarczna Sp. z o.o. S.K.A., with its registered office in Gdynia, at ul. Folwarczna 2, e-mail address:, phone +48 58 684 50 15, entered into the register of entrepreneurs by the District Court Gdańsk Północ in Gdańsk, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, entry number: 0000457351, NIP: 5862282192, hereinafter referred to as the “Facility”.

2. The Regulations of the Facility define the rules for renting the rooms and using the Facility infrastructure.

3. The Facility provides accommodation, catering, and wellness services, in accordance with the Facility business profile.

4. The description of rooms, price list of accommodation services and description of the scope  of individual services are available on the official website of the Facility and at the Reception of the Facility.

5. The Regulations are an integral part of the agreement entered into upon making a reservation, paying in an advance payment or the total price for the stay in the Facility.

6. By performing the above-mentioned activities, the Guests confirm to have read and accepted the terms of these Regulations.

7. These Regulations are available for review at the Reception of the Facility.

§ 2

1. In the case of accommodation services, the unit of account is the 24-hour accommodation. The check-in starts at 15:00 on the day of arrival and the check-out ends at 12:00 on the day of departure. On special request, the Facility can start the accommodation at an earlier hour or extend the accommodation free of charge – depending on room availability. The final confirmation is made by the Reception at the Guest’s request one day before the arrival (earlier start of accommodation) or on the day of departure (extension of accommodation).

2. The intention to extend the stay for another day should be notified at the Reception by 10:00 on the day of the scheduled check-out. The Reception confirms such possibility depending on room availability. In the case of Guests who fail to comply with these Regulations, the Reception may refuse to extend their stay.

3. The current price list of facility services is provided on website: and available at the Reception of the Facility:

a. The prices indicated in the price list include VAT.

b. The price for the stay in the Facility depends on the duration of stay, standard and size of room, additional services and discounts received.

c. The price presented in the price list may be reduced by discounts granted by the Facility under the Facility Management’s decision regarding a complaint or preferential discounts.

4. The Guest may not transfer the room to third parties not checked in at the Facility, even if the time for renting the room has not expired.

5. Persons not checked in at the Facility can stay in the room as guests of persons checked in at the Facility, between 11.00 and 22.00 after informing the Reception.

6. In the Facility, the mandatory quiet hours begin at  22:00 and last until 7:00. The Facility may refuse to continue providing services to a person who violates this rule.

7. The Guests are obliged to leave the room provided to them as well as the provided equipment in no worse condition.

8. The Guests are financially responsible for any damage and/or destroyed property caused by their behaviour or the behaviour of their guests or any breach of security through unjustified activation of the fire protection system – the material value shall be determined by the Facility Management.

9. Children up to the age of 14 can stay within the Facility only under constant supervision of their legal guardians.

10. Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use, in the rooms, any heaters, electric irons and other similar devices which are not part of the room equipment.

11. Smoking cigarettes and other substances is strictly forbidden throughout the entire Facility. Smoking tobacco and tobacco products is possible only in designated places.

§ 3.

1. The Facility renders services in accordance with the accepted procedures. Rooms are cleaned, including the change of bed linen and towels, every three days, and each time at the Guest’s request from 9:00 to 14:00. In case of any issues regarding the quality of service, please inform the Reception immediately.

2. On the Guest’s request, the Facility provides the following services free of charge:

• accessories for children (travel cots, high chairs, bicycle seats).

• an iron and ironing board in the Guest’s room.

• luggage storage for Guests checked in at the Facility.

3. Items left in the rooms by the departing Guests, will be sent on the Guests’ request at the expense of the receiver to the address indicated. The cost of returning the items is only an estimate – the final cost is determined by the delivering company. In the absence of such an instruction, the items will be stored for 1 year. After this time, the items left behind will be donated to charity or reprocessed.

4. The Facility is insured to the extent specified in the relevant provisions of the Civil Code. The Guest is obliged to inform the Reception about any damage immediately after its discovery. The Facility’s liability for the loss of or damage to valuables is limited if these items are not deposited at the Reception. The Facility liability is also limited in the event that the Guest has improperly secured the room – the lock shall be checked every time upon leaving the room.

5. The Facility is responsible for the loss or damage of items brought by persons using its services to the extent specified in the provisions of the Civil Code.

6. Selected areas of the Facility are monitored.

7. The Facility may refuse to accept a Guest who grossly violated the rules of the Facility during the previous stay.

§ 4.

1. Guests have the right to file a complaint if they observe any deficiencies in the quality of services provided by the Facility.

2. All complaints shall be submitted to the Reception of the Facility.

3. The complaint should be submitted in writing by the Guest immediately after observing any deficiencies in the quality of services provided by the Facility (within 7 days from the deficiency at the latest).

4. The complaints shall be considered within 14 days.

§ 5.

  1. Small pets up to 30 cm and a maximum of 15 kg are allowed in the Facility.
  2. Pets are allowed in the Facility for an additional fee (100 PLN / day).
  3. The Facility accepts healthy pets with health record books (valid vaccination and deworming). If your pet has a chronic illness, please provide this fact to the Facility employee on the day of booking.
  4. If the bedding in the room where the animal is staying gets soiled by it (hair, mud), the owner will be charged with the costs of additional laundry services. If, however, the bedding is damaged by the pet, the owner is obliged to cover the costs of buying the complete set of bedding.
  5. All damage to the property within the Facility or the property of other Guests and dirt requiring additional work caused by animals shall be estimated by the Management of the Facility, and the costs will be charged to the owners.
  6. The owners are responsible for keeping their pets quiet and not disturb other Guests. In case of repeated complaints from other Guests or the staff, the Facility has the right to request that the animal be removed from the Facility.
  7. Within the Facility public area and the adjacent area, the animal attendants are absolutely obliged to keep the animals on a leash and in the case of dogs additionally in muzzles.
  8. Pet owners are also obliged to keep the environment clean while walking the pets in the adjacent areas of the Facility. In case of dirt or damage caused by the animal, the Facility may charge an additional fee. It is forbidden to walk the animals within the Facility for the animal toilet purposes.
  9. Animals can access the catering areas of the Facility only on a leash.
  10. Pets are not allowed in the wellness area.
  11. The Facility may refuse to accept animals of breeds specified in the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration on the list of breeds of dogs considered aggressive, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods, and rodents, as well as other animals recognized by the Management of the Facility as dangerous.

§ 6.

1. Bookings in the Facility are made in accordance with the rules described in the Regulations – Booking rules and Regulations on electronic services are available to review at the Reception of the Facility as well as on the website:

2. Guests give the consent to have their personal data necessary to provide the accommodation services stored and processed.

3. Guests have the right to access their data at any time and to correct, change and delete them.

4. The personal data is stored and processed by the Facility on the terms set out in the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the Privacy Policy posted on the website and available at the Reception of the Facility.

5. Providing personal data by the Guests is completely voluntary, but necessary to purchase the accommodation service or subscribe to the Newsletter.

6. By using the services provided by the Facility in any way, the Guests accept the rules contained in the Privacy Policy published on the website.

§ 7

1. Any issues not specified in these Regulations shall be subject to the provisions of the Act of 23 April 1964 the Civil Code (consolidated text (Dz. U. 2016, item 380 as amended)

2. Any amendments to the Regulations shall be announced no later than three calendar days before the amendment to the Regulations becomes effective.

3. The Regulations date of publication: 27.04.2023

Thank you for respecting the rules set out in these Regulations aimed to ensure the comfort of stay and safety of our Guests.


+48 58 684 50 15

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