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Regulation regarding animals stay at the Leśny Dwór.

  1. At the hotel we accept the animals (small up to 30 cm, maximum 10 kg weight).
  2. The hotel accepts pets for the additional price ( 50 PLN / day)
  3. The consent for the animals stay in the hotel will be made by the reception staff after
    conducting the interview about the animals. In deciding to accept animals ( mainly dogs) we will take into account their temperament and training.
  4. The hotel accept healthy animals with health book ( current vaccination and deworming). If the animal has a chronic disease, please inform the hotel on the day booking stay.
  5. If the bedding in the room where animals are kept becomes dirty by it ( fur, mud, etc.), the owner will be charged the cost of additional laundry services.
  6. If the bedding in the room where animals are kept becomes damaged, the owner will be charged the cost of purchase new set of beddings.
  7. All damages to the property of the hotel or the property of other guest as well as dirt requiring additional staff work caused by the animals will be valuate by the Hotel management and their owners will be charged.
  8. The owners are responsible for keeping pets quiet at the hotel and do not disturbing other
    guests. In the event of repeated complains from other guests or staff, the Hotel reserves the right to request the removal of an animals from the hotel.
  9. In generally accessible places , the owner is obliged to keep the dog on a leash and in a muzzle.
  10. It is forbidden to bring animals into the wellness area.
  11. The owner is obliged to clean feces left by his animals.


+48 58 684 50 15

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