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biôłi trus


The Biôłi Trus Restaurant offers Kashubian cuisine served in a unique style. Classic recipes of the Kashubia and Kociewie regions are traditionally served, based on proven and popular regional culinary styles, by Marcin Popielarz, Chef from the Żuławy region.

Marcin Popielarz is famous for his passion for Polish and regional cuisine – based on local products and recipes from the Kashubia, Kociewie and Żuławy regions. He selects his suppliers in person, paying attention to the highest quality of food and breeding process.

Dishes served in Biôłi Trus Restaurant, as in the sister restaurant, White Rabbit in Gdynia, are prepared to delight with flavours and recall the tastes of childhood. The cuisine involves simplicity, attachment to tradition and culture of the Kashubian hospitality and generosity.



With its interior decoration, Biôłi Trus refers to the history of this place and hunting tradition of Leśny Dwór. But it also includes modern elements and boldly combines different textures and elements of decoration. Very important are vivid colours of chairs and different structures of walls which warm the whole interior. High windows overlooking the lake make the interior bright and spacious. All is complemented by green plants and tasteful furniture. Biôłi Trus is generally a casual and welcoming place where everyone can feel like home you want to return to with pleasure.


The method

The selection of dishes offered in the restaurant menu is prepared following home-made approach and served in a very traditional way. Modern culinary techniques are applied only when they impregnably enhance the flavour or texture of dishes.

Our dishes are served on traditional plates from local porcelain manufacturer „Lubiana”, and decorated with colourful Kashubian folk pattern. In such surroundings we serve all-time dishes to cater for your tastes.

The menu served a la carte provides our guests with a variety of options that can be combined with side-dishes and sauces. Apart from the traditional menu, the restaurant offers menu for children.


Tradition reimagined

Marcin Popielarz is a talented young generation chef from Żuławy Wiślane region, where from an early age he developed great passion for cooking because of his mother and grandmother. He has gained experience in Poland and abroad, and his biggest challenge involved developing from scratch, in 2015, the White Rabbit Restaurant in Quadrille Hotel in Gdynia, which he has been running successfully to the present day. Among Marcin’s numerous distinctions there is the most important one, namely the finals at San Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 competition he participated as one of the three best young chefs in the world.

As a chef, Marcin is noted for his passion for Polish and regional cuisine based on products and recipes from the Kashubia, Kociewie and Żuławy regions. He personally selects his suppliers, paying attention to the highest quality of food, breeding methods and seasonality of ingredients.


+48 58 684 50 16

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