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A Perfect Wedding Day

Leśny Dwór Sulęczyno is a perfect venue for a dream wedding ceremony and reception – in a beautifully renovated historic interior, within exceptional natural surroundings and cosy atmosphere.

The surrounding two-hectare green area provides a perfect spot for a touching wedding ceremony or photographic session outdoors. Whereas, the magnificent Ballroom in the Manor with a view of the lake can host up to 120 people. Alternative, equally elegant, restaurant room in the Outbuilding can host up to 80 people.

By entrusting us with the organization of such an important event, you can be sure that we will make every effort to make this day absolutely exceptional and unforgettable. Stunning interior and picturesque surroundings, excellent cuisine at Biôłi Trus Restaurant as well as attentive care of our qualified personnel is a guarantee of spectacular wedding reception.

The day before


The day before the wedding is usually a day reserved for the closest family and an occasion for the future man and wife to relax before the important event. It is fostered by water zone at Leśny Dwór, with a swimming pool, saunas and jacuzzi. Whereas, the restaurant room at Biôłi Trus is perfect for peaceful welcome dinner, when the Couple meets their family. In the restaurant, parents’ blessing and official thanks from the Couple can also be held. This relaxed evening usually comes to an end rather early so that everyone could have a good sleep.

The wedding day

The preparations

The wedding day begins, first of all, with preparations which can be accompanied with a glass of champagne or aromatic coffee. Spacious apartments in the Manor provide sufficient room for make-up artist or hairstyle specialist.

It is worth planning the so-called „first look” when the future man and wife can see each other for the first time that day. Suitable setting and scenery will create perfect surroundings for the photographer who can capture the touching moment. Such photographs will be viewed for years with similar emotions.

The ceremony

Wedding wows

We offer a wedding ceremony in a picturesque park surrounding Leśny Dwór to all of you who dream of exchanging their wedding vows in unique scenery. You can exchange your vows surrounded by trees, with the lake in the background, listening to relaxing music so that the ceremony would be truly exceptional.

Our colourful garden is a perfect venue for relaxing party with your closest relatives. The party can be held on the eve of your wedding or as a welcome drink at the beginning of your party with family and friends when you arrive from the church. This is a suitable moment to relax after the ceremony, to wish the newlyweds all the best and for the guests, to meet each other.

Outdoor receptions are extremely magical and colourful events, evocative and elating for everyone. They also provide a number of possible arrangements worth trying. Moreover, picturesque scenery of Leśny Dwór is ideal for unique photographic session, group or individual photographs.

Wedding Day


The wedding reception begins with greeting the Couple with bread and salt, and raising the first toast by the Couple at the entrance to the Manor. Stunningly decorated Ballroom with a view of the lake will enchant every guest. In such scenery the wedding dinner becomes even more elegant and the first dance resembles a fairy tale.

The Biôłi Trus Restaurant prepared a wide wedding menu offer. We offer a wide selection of hot and cold dishes as served meals and buffet, both savoury and sweet. Moreover, it is possible to organize, on request, additional attractions such as roasted wild boar or pig with side-dishes or stuffed turkey with cranberries.

The wedding coordinator will provide advice on the menu as well as on the selection of attractions so that the programme would be well-thought-out. The coordinator can also help to plan the traditional „unveiling of the bride” and elegant serving of the wedding cake.

Wedding Day

Follow-up party

On the day after the wedding, all the guests reminisce about this wonderful time and want to extend this joyful moment spent together. Their elegant breakfast can be accompanied with hot soup. The Couple thanks the guests and invites them to enjoy the follow-up party. It is best to organize the party in the form of brunch or barbeque in the patio by the lake. The casual menu and atmosphere will encourage the guests to eagerly extend the wedding party.

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fot. Enroute Photography, decor: Bukiety Bankiety, models: Alex Molto Kaminski i Michał Dziengo,
make-up: Dream Beauty, dress: Arttrend, suit: Emanuel Berg, coordination: Weselmy się razem!

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