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The location of Sulęczyno is a perfect starting point to explore Pomerania and local attractions. There are numerous possibilities; we selected some of our recommendations:

Stone Circles in Węsiory (5 km) – former burial ground of the Goths and Gepids with 4 stone circles, mounds and graves. The burial ground dates back most probably to the 70s C.E. The scientific studies have proved the stone circles emit energy that affects people in a positive way. It is also worth visiting the local Goths Town.

Castle in Bytów (19.3 km) – former Teutonic Knights’ stronghold from the 14th century, transformed into a hotel and restaurant, still very impressive and partially available for visitors.

Railway Museum in Kościerzyna (19.6 km) – former open-air Locomotive Museum Kościerzyna – can be proud of the historic railway transport from the era of iron railway. In there you can admire locomotives, rail carriages, steam engines and machines, tools and souvenirs.

Centre for Education in Szymbark (25 km) – open-air museum offers interesting attractions such as Sybirak’s House, Upside Down House, Scout’s House, Kashubian Shack, Salino Manor or the World Longest Wooden Board.

Museum of Kashubian Ceramics in Chmielno (29 km) – based on the historic pottery workshop of the Necel family related to Chmielno. In there you can admire displayed pottery and even try to make your own clay pot with the use of potter’s wheel.

Kashubian Miniature Park (31 km) – you can discover here small copies of interesting Kashubian and Polish facilities, as well as world known ones such as the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. Children can play at the playground and enjoy Mini Zoo and the Land of Fairy Tales. The nearby Kashubian Giants Park offers such fascinating attraction as: a plane, giant insects or monster truck.

Our personnel will gladly help you organize the trip and provide you with a map with all indispensable information.


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