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Romantic stay

Romantic stay for two

Leśny Dwór in Sulęczyno is a perfect place for a romantic trip. The 18th century Manor and more modern Outbuilding as well as picturesque location at Lake Węgorzyno enchant the guests with natural beauty and universal serenity. Tastefully arranged interior encourages visitors to stay longer, though the place is also perfect for a short stay. 

The guests are provided with comfortable water zone with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, dry and steam sauna as well as poolroom and bowling alley. In summer, the guests can make use of aquatic equipment or enjoy the private beach surrounded by greenery. It is worth spending the autumn and winter evenings drinking wine or mulled wine in a brick and glass patio with a view over the lake. While listening to the sound of wood burning in the fireplace you can feel warmth, enjoy the company of your friends, play board games, or read books. In summer days, the place becomes a comfortable barbeque area with slow evenings and endless discussions.

All of this is complemented by perfect regional cuisine by Biôłi Trus restaurant run by Marcin Popielarz. His well thought out catering offer is an invitation to a sensuous journey through flavours, images and smells we remember from childhood, now served in a modern form… 

Package for Two:


Check-in hours from 3:00 PM to 12:00 AM the next day.
The à la carte restaurant is open from Friday to Sunday from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
From Monday to Thursday, it is possible to have a dinner between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM but it is necessary to select the menu well in advance.

Please send bookings and inquiries to the following e-mail address: or contact us by phone +48 58 684 50 15, +48 691 992 588

Booking terms:

– the packages are non-returnable and prepaid,
– we reserve the right to process max. two special offers per one day, 
– the offer is not available on bank holidays, long weekends,
at customized events,
– the offer is valid until June 23, 2023,
– the special offer cannot be combined with other special offers.

You are most welcome to visit us!


+48 58 684 50 15

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