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Who will organize the ceremony and the reception?

At the very beginning of your wedding preparations, it is worth deciding whether you want to arrange everything by yourselves or plan to make use of the professional service provided by the Wedding Planner.

And truly, there are no wrong answers; everything depends on very individual preferences and – certainly not insignificant – financial capacity, but not only.

If you have financial means and you do not want to spend too much time looking for numerous solutions and meeting various people, we encourage you to go for the Wedding Planner, who will manage the whole pre-wedding schedule, bear in mind the available time, offer reliable entities, consult you at all times and effectively organize the entire preparations. In this way you will spend less time preparing the wedding, without losing anything at the last stage. You will definitely minimize the stress, and have someone to lean on and share responsibility with 😊

However, if the option with Wedding Planner is not for you, for any reason, nothing prevents you from organizing the event yourselves. This approach is convenient for people who have to control everything, like checking everything by themselves, try everything and take decisions. It is also convenient for the future Couple who have experience in planning parties and events. And when it involves a real joy of organizing the key event in your life, the wedding preparations can be truly enjoyable.

Another solution can be provided in high standard wedding facilities offering a particular person or persons as the wedding coordinator. They are often employees who attended the Wedding Planner trainings, and certainly have significant experience in organizing wedding receptions. They can help the Couple with issues beyond the standard offer of particular venue. They can help choose music, lightning, additional attractions, decorations, flowers or stationery, etc. Depending on the provided offer, the services of wedding coordinator can be included in the price or charged additionally.

Regardless of your choice, on the wedding day it is worth having a trusted person by your side, someone wise to the whole event so that you would not be distracted and would not need to concentrate on smaller or larger details or solve potential problems. Rule number one: soothe the Couple on their wedding day; they should concentrate, first of all, on themselves, their guests and good time, because this is how the most beautiful memories are made.


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