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What can we offer instead of flowers? Exceptional and creative wedding gifts?

Most frequently, when we think about a wedding gift, without thinking much about it, we plan to give flowers accompanying the gift. Although cut flowers are magnificent and the habit of flower-giving at the wedding ceremony has taken hold in our tradition, more and more people depart from this idea.

At a big wedding reception the Couple receives so many bouquets that they hardly know what to do with them. Finally, they are put into vases, bowls and buckets, side-by-side. Consequently, these marvellously colourful flowers not only lose their charm, but also quickly wither and are thrown away. Sometimes, the Bride and Groom ask not to bring flowers already in their wedding invitation. More often, the guests themselves decide to choose something more creative. So, what can we give to make the overwhelming impression?

1.Another version of flowers

Considering that the Couple loves flowers, you do not need to give them up completely; instead you can choose more long-lasing option. Therefore, pot plants may be a very good idea. On many occasions, beautiful flower compositions can be arranged by combining several smaller cacti or succulents. Let’s take even one step further. Knowing that gardening is one of the Couple’s passions, you can give them … seeds! Sowing the seeds together and then observing the sprouting plants will certainly become very symbolic.

2.Alcohol and sweets

Alcohol and various sweets will work at nearly any occasion. Wedding is no exception. A bottle of good liquor, most often – wine, will be prefect. If the Couple prefers other beverages, nothing stands in the way. Ideally, when the bottle is given in a nice packaging, such as a wooden box. Similarly, instead of flowers, we can give sweets. We can choose from e.g. various chocolate boxes, chocolates and even sweet bouquets. There is a wide range of choice and we can certainly find something exceptional.


When the Couple decides to choose this option, they usually provide such information in the invitation. Certainly, the toys are not destined for the future offspring. This is some kind of encouragement to help others. The toys will be transferred to the Children’s Homes or donated to the charity. Sometimes, in the wedding invitation there are children’s clothes instead of toys. And occasionally, there is information that on site there is going to be a collection box for donations.

4.Scratch cards and lottery tickets

If each of the guests buys one or several scratch cards, the cost is really insignificant. But the joy of the Bride and Groom revealing subsequent fields – invaluable. In particular when it turns out that some lottery ticket contains interesting winnings.

5.Board games and books

Another interesting and practical addition to the wedding gift is something the Couple is interested in. If they are passionate about reading, they can be given books, and if, for example, they like board games, we can choose the latest edition of a popular game.


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