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Wedding reception – where to begin?

You have already experienced a beautiful event – the romantic proposal. On your finger, you frequently glance at, you can see the precious ring, and your head is full of plans for the future…

Slightly anxious, you begin to realize the number of issues you have to deal with and cannot forget about. You analyse where to start and you are afraid you will not manage. If you devoted more time for preparations, the anxiety is still a distant feeling for you. The closer to the big day, the greater stress you experience, and only good organization can help you cope with it.

The choice of personal approach and singular form is not a coincidence. Certainly, it is the couple who gets married, but studies and practice proves that the wedding preparations in vast majority of cases fall on the future Bride. Very often, she decides about the style of wedding, perceiving it as women’s domain; after all, at some point, every woman has dreamt about such an event…

If all of these sound familiar, you know this BLOG is for you, our Dear Reader. We will present you with the meanders of wedding planning step by step, inspire you with ideas, suggest aspects to think about and show you how we do it.

However, not to discriminate your future spouse, we will address you both as the Couple, assuming that your other half will show support and interest in the subject. You begin the most beautiful time in your life, enjoy it to the fullest!

At the beginning of your journey to the wedding day you should ask yourselves some key questions:

The answers will guide you further, help you decide about the date and place of wedding ceremony and reduce the number of particular venues (hotels / wedding rooms / restaurants, etc.). Confirming the date and booking the church or Town Hall is only the beginning of your journey. Then you should focus on choosing the perfect place…


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