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Wedding day is set – what next?

When the wedding day is already set, you have to find a perfect place for the reception or wedding dinner at the earliest. More frequently, the couples book the venue in advance – a year or even two years before the event; therefore, this trend is now dominant: the sooner – the better, but never in spite of yourself.

Now, let’s go back to the first questions you have probably posed, regarding the number of people, style of event and possible accommodation – it helps to decide whether you are looking for a hotel, wedding room, restaurant or perhaps a pub.

Then you decide about the most suitable location – the city you live in or, on the contrary, the city you come from? Or perhaps a parish close to your heart or simply a unique wedding venue? It is best to determine some approximate area, for example 30 to 50 km and check what options you have.

You should certainly make sure that the venue can hold all of your guests. However, before you move on to other issues, get carried away by the magic of places you visit. You have selected them for a reason; they have matched your preferences to some extend and now you have to verify it.
Before you enter the place, have a quick glance from outside; be mindful of your first thoughts and associations. Perhaps, they will be negative and it is ok; neither cross the place out, nor squeal immediately with delight. Look inside and let the host of the place give you a tour.

The Couples frequently believe that since hotels or restaurants are generally open, they are available for visitors non-stop. Certainly, any employee can give you a tour around the place. However, without a scheduled visit it can be done superficially or you can come during another event, and you will not able to appreciate the place to the fullest. Therefore, we encourage you to schedule your visit in advance with a person who manages wedding receptions.

First of all, the person will be able to describe the venue in detail and give you appropriate overview, tell you step by step the whole program and practical solutions as well as present a detailed offer. The person will also be best to answer any of your questions. And finally, this person will prepare a tailor-made offer for you. As a result of the scheduled visit you will be provided with more thorough and detailed information than you would receive during ad hoc visit. Such meeting takes about an hour or even two, but ultimately you will save a lot of time, your guesses and doubts will be clarified. Together with the offer prepared after the meeting you have a whole picture of the venue, which will help you decide whether you like the place or not.

If you do, go there one day for dinner, coffee, or perhaps stay there for the weekend, and you will be able to decide how you feel in the venue and whether your guests would like the place. Each Couple wants something different but the main advantages are the same: beautiful venue, picturesque vicinity, tasty cuisine, helpful people and something special which makes you feel good so that you want to spend there the most important day of your life 😊 When you are certain about your choice, learn more about the offer and select your best option.


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