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We have the venue! Time to learn more…

Well, since you decided about the venue, book the date as soon as possible to be sure you can continue making other arrangements. Most of the venues require advance payment to make sure you will not change your mind, whereas you can be sure you have more time for choosing particular attractions. We do not recommend hurrying, but there is no point stalling the decision. Every small decision brings you closer to the goal and … involves a number of smaller details to look at 😊

It is good to know whether you are going to share the venue with another couple, not to be surprised later. Certainly, there is such a possibility, especially when the place offers two separate rooms but it is good to set details first to be sure you will not disturb each other.

If you organize your reception in a hotel, check the number of rooms, maximum number of rooms and availability on the date you selected since you might not be the only guests in the hotel. If you want more privacy, boutique hotels are perfect for you. When you book the rooms, exclusivity is fairly guaranteed. It might happen that you will not be able to accommodate all guests but it can also be solved – hotels usually cooperate with each other on a local level so they can organize accommodation as well as transfers.

Knowing the approximate number of guests, you can decide together with wedding coordinator the layout of tables, one room or perhaps two that you need as well as the shape of tables, round, oval or rectangular. Each solution has its supporters and opponents – and sometimes perhaps unfavourable division into rooms may work perfectly when we want to separate family from friends so that everybody can feel free.

It is worth indicating where you are going to sit so that all the guest could see you and you could easily move around the room, when your guests want to talk to you or raise a toast. Moreover, the Bride needs a room to freshen or touch up. Some change after midnight into less formal dress so they need a suitable place. Even if you organize the reception in your city, enjoy the luxury of staying at least a day or two in the hotel to celebrate the event and forget about any household errands you might face while staying at home.

Make sure you have a place for dancing and sufficient room for the band or DJ. The same refers to additional attractions – depending on the selected option you need some room inside or outside which will be included in the wedding planner contract.

If you plan a welcome cocktail or after-party, you should also specify how much room you need and how much it will cost. It is good to specify the exact hours of your event and availability of space.

In a nutshell: the better you know the venue, the more effectively you cooperate with the service, and consequently, you can be sure you are both on the same page.


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