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Slow Wedding

Slow wedding

The wedding industry is following the current trends. Today’s weddings resemble less and less the traditional grand parties organized by our parents. Rice thrown upon leaving the church, bread and salt blessing while entering the wedding room, touching thanks for the parents, indecent games during the capping ceremony, raising money “for a pushchair”…? Today, we do not follow these rules and patterns anymore. More and more often we choose modern, themed parties in a glamour or boho style, or we follow the popular slow wedding style…

What is slow wedding?

Every now and then, the wedding websites publish articles and information on such wedding receptions. It is not surprising since they are gaining in popularity. The word ‘slow’ currently indicates some sort of lifestyle – slow life, slow wedding… The word means ‘leisurely”, which may suggest a misleading image of ‘leisurely wedding’… whatever this would look like 😉 But it is more about our awareness. This informal movement urges us to slow down, refrain from pursuing material goods and start experiencing and enjoying every day. Consequently, slow wedding is a ceremony rooted in emotions and experience of that day, with people aware of what is most important – Love and your future path together.

How to organize a slow wedding?

We cannot present a ready-made, universal recipe for a slow wedding since … there is no such recipe. However, there are some principles that can be of help.

Slow down… and listen to your heart!

The couples who decide to have such a ceremony usually refrain from standard wedding options. They follow their own vision of that day, and not the vision of their parents, friends and colleagues. They are guided by own taste, style and dreams. They follow their heart, and not the tradition and habits. Slow wedding is simply a wedding organized your way. Concentrate on emotions since they are the most important that day. This is your wedding so it should look like you imagine it to be. You can refrain from traditional ceremony in the church, or even the church wedding altogether! If you want…

Present your style!

The Bride may give up a white wedding dress and veil, strong make-up, glittering jewellery, and artificial nails. The Groom is required to wear neither a bow tie, nor a suit. Patent leather shoes are not mandatory at all! If you prefer a loose and airy dress and the Groom – sneakers, there is no reason why you should not wear them! You are to feel comfortable!

Choose a venue with charm!

Wedding reception does not have to be held in a wedding hall, either! You can give up a standard wedding hall, music band and dances till dawn; you can engage for example a jazz trio instead! Slow wedding is often organized in a garden, historic barn, forester’s lodge, grange, castle or boutique venue by the lake. Choose a place with exceptional charm, resembling your style and taste, and not just one of the most popular wedding venues.

Celebrate with your nearest and dearest!

The guest list has always been the most debated issue! Parents pressure you to invite all the aunts and uncles, cousins, and relatives you do not even know since ‘this is the right thing to do’? It is not going to be convenient for either side so it worth giving up the convention, inviting only the people close to your heart. Slow wedding is a special day spent with exceptional people – closest family and friends, often in a small group, and there is nothing wrong about it. It is worth celebrating with people you bond with. This is a special occasion, gathering all people in one place and at one time. Embrace them with love and show them how much they mean to you. This night will pass quickly; let it abound with closeness and true emotions…

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