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Yoga by the lake

Leśny Dwór is a perfect place for yoga workshops at any time of year.

In spring and summer, you are welcomed by the picturesque greenery at Lake Węgorzyno. A private glade can effectively replace any training room and let you get a lot of fresh air during exercises. 

In autumn and winter, and when the weather is bad, we gladly provide you with a bright and spacious room with a view over the lake or comfortable brick patio with a fireplace.

Comfortable atmosphere of the boutique hotel, serenity and peace as well as picturesque landscape guarantee true relaxation. Yoga workshops in Leśny Dwór are perfectly complemented by additional activities in the water zone with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam and dry sauna. Dry sauna is also a place where aromatherapy sessions can be organized.  

From the very beginning, Leśny Dwór has followed the slow movement approach and focused on cooperation with the best yoga schools and teachers in Poland. The hotel offer is addressed to organized groups (companies, schools, associations) as well as individual guests whom we offer overnight stay.

Moreover, we encourage yogis to contact us to plan jointly the several-day yoga events combined with other relaxation-based activities such as Tibetan gong and bowl concerts, meditation or anti-stress therapies.

We know the importance of catering service during workshop events – our Biôłi Trus restaurant provides the Kashubian cuisine based on regional products and traditional recipes. As one of few hotels we also offer diversified vegetarian menu.

The benefits of practising yoga need no convincing. This is a sport for everyone – regardless of age or the level of physical fitness, and its benefits for the entire body are invaluable. Your yoga sessions in Leśny Dwór can be more diversified by extending the offer to include a wide range of activities available in the hotel, such as: water bikes, canoes, boats, Nordic Walking or trips to visit the neighbouring attractions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a customised offer:, +48 58 684 50 15


+48 58 684 50 15

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