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Stefana Żeromskiego 15, 83-320 Sulęczyno

Kashubian landscape

The Kashubian landscape is definitely very diversified. You can find here thick forests, and among them the most beautiful Tuchola Forest. Already a simple stroll in the thick greenery can bring you perfect relaxation.

We recommend to the enthusiasts of active leisure various walking trails, including nature and educational trails where you can learn more about the local nature.

Sulęczyno is a perfect destination for nordic walking enthusiasts. The receptionist will show you the best trails, and lend you necessary equipment, if need be.

We highly recommend a trip to the nearby Stone Circles in Węsiory. This long-lasting and mysterious place is very popular among tourists. Grandiose stones and the surrounding impressive nature make a huge impression. It is no secret that even after a short stay you can feel incredible flow of energy.


+48 58 684 50 15

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