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Kashubian cuisine – tradition, dishes and culinary specialties

The Kashubian region attracts people, first of all, with its clean air and picturesque landscapes. However, apart from the beauty of nature, those who have already had an opportunity to learn more about the region know that it is worth enjoying its regional cuisine.

The characteristic Kashubian dishes include numerous courses you will not find anywhere else. The cuisine is marked with simplicity; therefore, many dishes can be prepared even by a novice cook. However, only the one who knows very well the regional flavours and knows how to cook to enhance them. This part of Poland is associated with a rich history and numerous legends; it is a true pleasure to learn them when you are served the traditional dishes cooked as before.

What is the Kashubian cuisine distinguished by?

The recipes of the Kashubian cuisine were passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, the people here are very attached the regional flavours. While relishing the dishes you can imagine your predecessors eating the same food a long time ago. Here, the tradition is very important. At first sight, the Kashubian menu may seem pretty modest. But it reflects the regional specificity. The inhabitants in this region were engaged in fishing and agriculture. The most important dishes are based on fish, game, vegetables and fruit. What kind of dishes are the most popular?

One of the most typical ones is herring aspic. This is a type of jelly where the traditional meat is replaced with a herring. This is similar to calf’s feet jelly popular in other parts of Poland and served as a side dish. Another popular dish is called plince, namely potato pancakes. They are served sweet or savoury, immediately after they are fried. They can also be used as the base for other dishes. Another popular dish is a swede and goose soup. Since these products are seasonal, the soup is made right after the first hoarfrost. Whereas, before the new harvest another soup is served – dziadówka. This is buttermilk soup with fried bacon and onion. One of the main dishes is ferkase. It is made of poultry and served with rice and sauce. The main dessert includes ruchanki, namely regional drop scones. These dishes can be found in numerous restaurants, for example the Biôli Trus Restaurant.

Kashubian culinary specialties   

Since the Kashubia is a region with a very long history and tradition, most of the culinary specialties refer to the past. For example, flaky pastry, namely pâte feuilletée is popular here since the 18th century. This traditional Kashubian pastry was made popular by the French, who stationed in Gdańsk with Napoleon Bonaparte. In the Kashubian menu, very popular is krelka coated with flaky pastry, namely a potato baked in pâte feuilletée, stuffed with herrings, mushrooms and onion.

The Kashubians say they are borderland people, which means their traditions and cuisine are influenced by various cultures. It should also be noted that the Kashubia is located on a wide area, and therefore, the dishes are very diversified. For example, at the lakes, the menu is based on freshwater fish, whereas by the sea, more sea fishes are served.

One thing is certain, „a Kaszeba would die without fish and mushrooms”.


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