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Bachelorette Party

How to organize an exceptional Bachelorette Party?

A Bachelorette Party is a time of excellent fun and an opportunity to party up all night but not only. It is worth ensuring that the night is a spring of unforgettable memories. There is no one-and-only recipe for a successful evening. It all depends on the creativity of organizers and there are no limits to the possibilities.

While choosing the venue and planning the bachelorette party, you cannot forget that the event must be delightful, above all, for the future Bride. It should be a nice surprise; you cannot do something against her wish and character. Some women prefer more restful entertainment, some quite the opposite. What kind of ideas are worth analysing?

Bachelorette Party in a Rustic Style

The romantics who like the atmosphere of former times would fancy the idea of bachelorette party in a rustic style. The idyllic atmosphere of rural area, as if taken from the Polish drama „Maidens’ Vows”, is a perfect offer before the big day. However, it does not mean, it is supposed to be boring and quiet. In a place like Leśny Dwór you can expect an abundance of additional attractions. Moreover, having a room nearby or a spacious apartment for the whole group to enjoy night-long pillow talk is definitely going to be appreciated by every group of girlfriends.

Bachelorette Party in Escape Room

This is an offer for the enthusiasts of adventure and detective riddles. A group of girlfriends locked in a room they need to escape within a particular time? It might be interesting! There are plenty of such offers so everyone will certainly find a suitable option ensuring great fun and thrilling adventure. You will have plenty to talk about for a long time.

Weekend instead of one Evening

Who said that the bachelorette party should last only one evening… If the Bride likes travelling, tourist trips or spontaneous excursions, she will certainly love the idea of a weekend trip organized by her girlfriends. Where? Outside the city, in the mountains, to the seaside, to a hotel and any other place which appears attractive and where you can have a lot of fun, take a rest in the spirit of slow life or in a more active manner.

Bachelorette Party at Home

You do not need to look far away to have a successful bachelorette party. You can plan something unforgettable even at one of your girlfriends’ house. You can dress-up and organize the whole party in the style of the 1960s or 1970s. There are also a number of games and quizzes you can use during bachelorette parties.

Private dance lesson

Booking the dance floor in a dance school is another interesting offer. A private lesson with an experienced dance instructor will help the whole group learn something new. It shall involve a lot of laughter, fun and calorie-burning exercise… Such a private lesson may become an introduction to other attractions during the whole evening.

Adrenaline in the Air

While looking for ideas for the Bride and her girlfriends who like the adrenaline rush, you can consider extreme sports. Often, when a group decides to go clubbing, they rent a limousine. But in some cities you can rent… a plane! Can you think of a more surprising and exciting trip that will put you all in a cheerful mood?


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