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rustic-style wedding

How to organize a rustic-style wedding reception?

Weddings are one of the most important events in life. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we want them to be perfect. If we want the event to reflect the sentimental and romantic character, it is certainly worth considering a wedding reception arranged in a rustic style.

The rustic style has been enjoying growing popularity. This is because, at the time of computerization, when machines and advanced technologies are dominant, we are more and more inclined towards anything related to nature. It refers to the daily life, interior decorations, as well as event organization. How to plan a wedding reception so that it would resemble the rustic style?

What is the rustic style distinguished by?

Any rustic style involves, first of all, natural elements and wood. The price includes various types of barrels, chests and tree stumps. Moreover, the decorations may include nature’s bounty, such as cones and tree branches. They will perfectly match linen, seasonal vegetables and fruits.

The decorations frequently include flowers in glass vases or jars, candles, strings and lace. In other words, anything that can be associated with the idyllic nature of countryside. Sometimes, when we take part in a rustic-style event, the entire setting looks as if someone has cleaned the attic and brought some bric-a-brac and put them in different places.

Where can we organize such wedding reception?

Since the rustic style is completely different from what we meet on a daily basis, not all the wedding halls will be prefect for such an event. If we choose a modern banquet hall, it is difficult to make it resemble a countryside cottage or manor. If you decide to have such wedding reception, it is better to look for a venue where we can find the previously mentioned materials and elements.

In Poland, we will not find many venues reflecting such style but, when we think it through, we will find something interesting. Certainly, Leśny Dwór in Sulęczyno is one of many good choices. This is a beautiful building from the beginning of the 18th century which retained the atmosphere of old times. Moreover, Leśny Dwór is located at the lake, so it is possible to organize some part of the celebrations in the open air. A wedding reception in such a place will surely be unforgettable, and in the end, that is what it is all about.

See to perfect rustic atmosphere

In order to emphasize the wedding reception character, we can properly plan our appearance, games and other attractions. Back in the day, the Bride was wearing a garland instead of a veil. It may add to the wedding character. It is also worth wearing an airy and perhaps lace wedding dress. There is no wedding reception without games. There is also a great deal to offer. You only need to go back in time and look for long forgotten games.

The Couple often decides to have a guest book, and wants to offer a photograph or another gift as a wedding souvenir. We need some consistency here as well. Moreover, the invitations themselves do not need to be simple and customary. Even before the wedding day, the guest may already feel the atmosphere of the future event and its exceptional character.


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