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How to arrange dishes for the wedding reception?

Every reception is different. Not only is it held in a different place, but also attended by different people. When the time comes to plan all the details about the big day, some difficulties may appear, and some of them refer to the wedding menu.

Despite appearances, selecting particular dishes is not easy. You should certainly bet on the variety of dishes on the tables. It is impossible to know the culinary preferences of all the guests. Besides, the most important thing is to ensure the food is delicious and tastefully served.

Take advantage of restaurateur’s experience

Every couple wants to have an exceptional wedding reception. However, it is worth entrusting some tasks with the experienced professionals. When it comes to the wedding menu – it is the cook who knows what type of dishes are the most popular. Most frequently, the venues where you organize your wedding reception provide their in-house catering offer. They only differ in the selection of courses and prices. However, the offer may include something the couple would not like or would like to replace with something else. Usually, the menu can be modified. If you prefer something more exotic, you need to learn in advance whether the cook knows how to prepare it correctly. It is best to include in the menu something new, everyone would like to try, and something traditional. In this way we can surprise our guests and meet their expectations since many people cannot imagine a wedding reception without the traditional Polish cuisine.

Unequal number of dishes on the tables

While selecting the venue for the reception you certainly know how many guests you plan to invite. Frequently, this affects the price for the menu since discounts can be provided for a larger group. However, on the tables you can have a different number of dishes depending not only on the number of people attending the reception. The duration of wedding reception is also important. Let’s take the average. If you plan a 12-hour reception, you are going to need 4 or 5 hot courses. If you plan a shorter reception, for example 6 hour event, you can have 2 hot meals.

The worst thing that can happen is a shortage of food for the guests. Everyone must have an opportunity to try everything they fancy. In general, one meal per person includes a bowl of soup, 2 pieces of meat and around 200 grams of side dishes.

What is in the menu?

The menu must include the main course, when the event begins; later, the number of courses depends on the number of guests and the duration of the event. Furthermore, the menu should also include hors d’oeuvres, sides, fruit, cakes and desserts. If the Couple knows that some of their guests are vegetarian, vegan, people with allergies and diabetes or people following special diets, it must be raised before the event. Most probably, it will be possible to arrange a separate menu for certain guests.

What about the sequence of courses?

During the reception the courses are served in a particular order. It defines the order of events during the reception. First, we serve dinner, namely hors d’oeuvres, main courses and desserts. Later, for supper we serve side dishes, fruit, and the selection of cakes and sweets. Then, we offer hot dishes followed by sides and sweets. Around midnight we serve the wedding cake (unless the Couple decides to serve the cake after dinner), and a light hot meal. It is worth having an additional soup or culinary attraction served hot in the middle of the night, so that the guests could enjoy the party much longer.


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