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Five ideas for romantic engagement

When you decide to propose, you immediately make big plans about the engagement. There is no one-and-only way since you can have numerous ideas. Everyone wants this day to be special, full of delight and emotions. Simply perfect. It is not always like that, since you cannot always predict everything, but if you really try, your partner will never know that something was planned differently.

Men look for inspiration and ideas in different places. The best ideas involve a scent of romance with a bit of magic. Although every woman has a different taste and idea about the perfect engagement, they would all like the proposal to be romantic. To make it special, you need to make sure your partner knows nothing in advance. You cannot let her choose the ring. The element of surprise is necessary! And now, several ideas for a romantic engagement.

1. Dinner under the stars

It may not seem very unique but the effect is exceptional! It is best to prepare it earlier, together with some additional lights. Dinner can be arranged on the terrace but, for much better effect, it can be arranged on the roof. Sometimes a picnic blanket and a bottle of wine or champagne is enough. Moreover, if the sky is clear and the stars are around, you cannot imagine a more perfect moment to propose.

2. Engagement in the Manor

There are hotels which resemble more a palace or a manor than a traditional hotel, for example Leśny Dwór, resembling a manor house. In the place that can be associated with former misalliances, passionate romance and sentimental maidens attending the ball, the engagement will be very romantic! The picturesque surrounding, sentimental mood and a cosy place will make you remember the day for the rest of your life.

3. Engagement in a place that brings good memories

A real return to the beginning of your relationship! The proposal can be planned in a place where the couple have met or gone on their first date. The selected date can also be symbolic. Perhaps an anniversary is going to be a perfect day for engagement? The woman will be delighted by the fact that her partner remembers the beginnings of their relationship. Regardless of the surroundings, the very place and date will make the engagement very romantic.

4. Engagement on the beach

Similar to dinner under the stars, the beach can provide an exceptional charm. The sound of waves, sand and perhaps flickering candles? Yes, this is something many women dream about! There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Poland so there are plenty of choices. And to magnify the effect, you can go to the beach earlier, prepare the lights and perhaps a lettering made of seashells or a heart? 

5. Perhaps, the engagement during dream holidays?  

If a woman is dreaming about a certain place in the world, perhaps it is worth taking her there? Even if you plan the trip together (you accidentally suggest at a particular moment…), your partner does not need to know that somewhere at the end of the world she is going to hear the most important question. And she will definitely be enchanted!


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