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unique wedding reception

Five ideas for a unique wedding reception?

The future Bride and Groom do everything to have an exceptional and unique wedding day. To make it happen, it is important to plan all the details of the event. Today, there are numerous possibilities, compared to the past; therefore, a unique approach becomes the priority.

The traditional wedding involves a ceremony in the church, followed by a trip to the venue dominated by bright colours and party up all night. However, you can choose a more interesting option. It requires creativity but, if you decide to have a non-typical wedding setting as well as unique attractions, you can be sure your guests will remember the day for a long time. Here are some suggestions!

1. Retro wedding

If you are fond of the 1970s or 1980s, you can plan the whole wedding reception resembling this style. To make it work, all the details must be carefully arranged in advance. Proper venue, dress code, and music. The invitations themselves may introduce the theme, and if we add music, characteristic bric-a-brac and other elements, we can travel in time. Certainly, a number of guests will party up all night enjoying the music from the times of their parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents.

2. Unique wedding reception in Leśny Dwór

Perhaps a wedding in a rustic style? The back-to-nature approach is recently very popular, just like the variety of rustic styles. When you decide to host a wedding reception in Leśny Dwór, the idyllic rural setting can be provided. It is very interesting since the vicinity reflects the former eras when the nobles ruled the world and etiquette was significant. Many people will certainly fall for the charm and sentimental mood!

3. Winter wedding

Hosting a winter wedding is a very unique idea. It means that the decor in the venue may involve numerous lights resembling crystals of ice. They can be spread around to reflect the main theme. The best effect can be achieved by providing dimmed light in the room with only lighted crystals as the main source of light. The guests, instead of traveling by cars, may come to the venue with … a sleigh ride. Sometimes the Couple decides to have a bonfire outside the venue. It is certainly very unique and definitely magical.

4. For the enthusiasts of movies and books

Some people love particular movies or books. They can arrange their wedding in a more humorous manner and „invite” their favourite heroes. On the tables and among various decorations you may find images from your favourite stories or movies. The film music can also be included. And if the guest feel like doing it, we can suggest dressing up in some characters. The idea may sound slightly controversial but there are people who love it and are very excited about such an opportunity.

5. Outdoor wedding

In other countries, wedding receptions are frequently held in the open air. In Poland, it is rarely arranged, although the idea is gaining in popularity. The ceremony and wedding reception on the beach, in the garden or at a picturesque lake – such as the one at Leśny Dwór, can be very enchanting. A very exceptional reception can be held in the wedding tent. The form is interesting and provides numerous arrangement possibilities, but there is some risk regarding weather conditions. We know how variable the weather can be in our climatic zone. It is worth considering the venue where the reception can be moved in case of unfavourable weather conditions.


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