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Decorations for the Wall behind the Bride and Groom

The moment you begin to wear your dream engagement ring, your head is full of ideas for the future and your calendar includes a great deal of wedding plans… Your wedding reception must be exceptional and perfectly trimmed. The first dance should be perfect, music carefully selected, reception hall beautifully decorated and the table you are going to sit at – tastefully set … since this table will draw the attention of people, not only the wedding guests, but also the camera!  Therefore, you cannot forget about some elegant decorations nearby the Bride and Groom, providing the background for numerous wedding photographs!

Proper wedding decorations will make the entire room look spectacular. The most important thing is that the table you are going to sit at must be clearly visible; it should attract the attention and resemble your style. The ideas and sources of inspiration how to decorate the wall behind the Bride and Groom are in abundance! What are the most interesting ones?

Decorations for the Wall behind the Bride and Groom
– 6 ideas

1. Flower decorations

The wedding decorations made of fresh flowers present excellent at all times and are never out of style. Recently, the fern leaves and moss are very fashionable, as well as something more tropical – the Monstera and palm tree leaves. You can have mixed plants decorating the background; however, if you choose the same flowers which compose the wedding bouquet and table decorations, the wall behind you will perfectly match the other decorations.

The floral decorations behind the Bride and Groom will become a conspicuous element in the wedding hall decor. However, we need to remember that decorations made of fresh flowers must be prepared shortly before the event so that they would not lose its freshness, form and look, not least because they cost a lot. Artificial flowers are less expensive and not necessarily ordinary! The plants made of high quality materials can successfully replace the fresh ones, and the guests will not even notice the difference.

2. Paper decorations  

Sometimes, real marvels and very creative wedding decorations can be made of paper! And – what is worth emphasizing – these decorations will not significantly charge to your budget. Paper can be used to make not only place cards and labels for the wedding alcoholic beverages, but also: colourful balls and rosettes, origami, hearts, napkin rings and many other shapes! Anything you can dream of!

Another interesting solution involves very popular Chanel flowers. Large 3D decorations made of paper, very feminine and fabulous, as well as refined and elegant. Such flowers will present perfectly in one or several colours and sizes.

3. Light decorations  

Light can do wonders!  Thanks to light decorations, the wedding hall can become even more romantic. Such wall behind the Couple will provide exceptional atmosphere after the nightfall.

Very popular are neutral-coloured lights, e.g. white, copper and warm creamy colours since they present much better in the photographs than red and blue.

The LEDs with colour adjustment system provide inexpensive and very eye-catching solution. The colourful neon signs are more expensive, but they can be customized and personalized.

4. Airy fabric

The wedding hall fabric decorations were already very popular many years ago. Certainly, today we would like to achieve more modern look so it is better to choose light fabric such as tulle or chiffon. Such materials can surely be combined with flowers, lights and even wood. They will certainly add to the interior glamour.

5. Signs

Elegant and refined wall decorations, placed behind the Bride and Groom, can be made of wood, cardboard and even Styrofoam! These are inexpensive and practical solutions so they are frequently admired at the wedding receptions. What about romantic quotes, your names or initials?  There are numerous possibilities, and it is up to you what kind of decoration is placed behind your back.

6. Colourful ribbons

You can make airy and colourful ribbons by yourselves! You can certainly manage since such decorations do not require any special manual skills! The structure can be simple – one layer and, for example, three colours. However, multi-colour decorations will become a very positive and joyful element, brightening the entire interior.

Wedding Wall Behind the Couple 
– some practical advice  

There are numerous ideas and sources of inspiration for decorating the wall behind the Bride and Groom!  Your imagination has no limits! Let it carry you away and perhaps you will come up with something completely new?  However, the only thing you need to remember is the aesthetic quality and your safety.

The wedding wall must be elegant and must present nicely in the photographs; therefore, it should not be too dark, not to look gloomy. Select colours that brighten the entire hall and match the table decorations so that everything could become a coherent ensemble.

And of course, the most important aspect – the wall behind the Couple must be stable! So that the solid structure would survive the wedding dances up all night and would not fall on your heads …


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