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Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Exceptional Wedding Attractions: Candy Bar

The wedding day and the reception are one of the most important days in every couple’s life – the one, exceptional and absolutely unforgettable day. The highest point of your mutual love celebrated in the presence of the most important and closest people. The future newlyweds make every effort to have a flawless and perfectly planned wedding reception. Although the wedding planner is bursting at the seams, it is worth preparing a nice surprise for the guests and offer additional attractions. Dance show? Fireworks? Or perhaps something sweet? Candy bar will certainly enchant all the guests and beautifully decorate the wedding hall!

Candy Bar at the Reception – Why is it a Perfect Idea?

Today’s wedding receptions are no longer limited only to dances, capping ceremony and party till dawn. The Newlyweds want to provide their guests with unforgettable experience; therefore, they include in their wedding reception additional attractions to make the event even more extraordinary. Nowadays, this trend is gaining in popularity, and the couples relentlessly create more and more interesting surprises. Recently, one of the best-loved wedding attractions is a candy bar, stealing the hearts of all the guests!

Candy bar, namely a table lavishly decorated with sweets, pralines, truffles or sweet snacks, is always exceptionally attractive. It is usually surrounded not only by the youngest at the event, but also by the adults. After all, we all like sweets! Even if we do not feast on them, everyone fancies a little something once in a while. Although the wedding tables are abundant in wonderful dishes, it is difficult to find some sweet shacks and desserts among them; in the end, dancing requires a lot of energy… The sweet table cannot run out of velvet truffles, delicate pralines, delicious soft-centred chocolates and more sophisticated snacks, such as spicy chocolate-coated chili peppers. Candy Bar full of beautiful and delicious sweets will be a haven for all the connoisseurs.

How to Decorate Candy Bar for the Reception?

To make the sweets low hanging fruits you can place them on cake stands and arrange directly on the tables. Not only will they be easier to reach, but they will also decorate the wedding table. Chocolates, truffles and pralines look wonderful and constitute a delicious snack and perfect ornament.

Candy bar can also be used as a fantastic decoration of the wedding hall. If you have chosen a colour or the main theme upon preparing your reception, remember to repeat it on the sweet table. At the glamour party you can have on your tables crystal tier cake stands or large elegant glass platters filled with delicious sweets. The decorations may also include flowers, candles and crystals, but they must be properly separated so that no guest could mistake them for snacks… The rustic style reception hall can be perfectly decorated with wooden-style candy bar trimmed with green branches and moss. Fresh flowers, candles, colourful lights and balloons create remarkable environment and cosy atmosphere. Gorgeously decorated candy bar full of sweets can guarantee outstanding effect and will certainly delight all the wedding guests!

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